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Licensed Electrician for Laredo, TX

H.N.A Electric, Inc. began on 1/1/2007 with the headquarters in Laredo, TX. The company was opened with the help of Hector Alonzo, a licensed electrician with more than 20 years in the electrical construction industry. Our mission is to “Serve the Community with Professional and Reliable Service Always.”

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At H.N.A Electric, Inc. the safety of our employees and customers is paramount. H.N.A Electric, Inc. is committed to ensuring a safe, healthy work place by training and continually educating all personnel. We believe that all accidents are preventable. 

licensed electrician Laredo, TX
Meet Owner/Company President Hector Alonzo
Hector Alonzo graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology - Electronics.

Before his work with H.N.A Electric, Inc., Hector Alonzo held various positions at reputable electric companies. Alonzo has been working in the industry since 1979, and he has hands-on experience with lighting, power, underground duct banks, temporary power, installation of switchgears, and much more. He began his career at Alonzo Electric, Inc. and eventually moved his way up to become vice president from 1990 to 1998. After this, he became the owner/president of H.N.A Electric, Inc. He was responsible for completing projects on time and in a satisfactory manner while overseeing all functions of the company. 

In 2005, Hector Alonzo became the director of Alonzo Electrical Contractors in Laredo, TX. Here, he was in charge of all field personnel, which included staffing the large project sites to regular maintenance.

His experience as director helped him to become the director of H.N.A Electric, Inc. in 2007. He oversaw procurement of materials and equipment, estimating, negotiations, and all personnel decisions. In March of 2015, Hector Alonzo became the owner/president of the company. Alonzo is responsible for maintaining the company’s efficiency while performing a variety of tasks. Alonzo oversees all daily operations of the office and field staff, and he acts as a customer liaison on a daily basis to ensure that projects are on target to meet schedules and deadlines. Client satisfaction is a top priority for Alonzo and the company. 

Our clients include some of the following organizations. 

  • Walmart
  • Falcon Bank
  • Sames Motors
  • Summit Building and Design
  • Zertuche Construction
  • Modern Construction
  • Norton Stores
  • Truckmovers Depot
  • Chavarria Plumbing
  • R&G Plumbing 
  • Penske Logistics 
  • Mercy Ministries
electrical contractor Laredo, TX
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